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Precision upgrades 520 efficiency

UK: Precision has upgraded its narrow profile 520 commercial refrigeration counters, taking advantage of the latest technologies to offer caterers the best refrigeration possible in the smallest space.

These all-stainless-steel refrigerated counters are now said to be even more energy efficient. The use of propane refrigerant is combined with a waste heat recovery condensate vaporiser system to add to the overall energy efficiency. The units also incorporate 60mm-thick, zero ODP injected polyurethane insulation.

The front breathing and venting refrigeration system means the units can fit into tight gaps without requiring additional space for ventilation. There is also a built-in air duct for even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.

The units feature a safety system to protect the compressor from blocked condensers and also incorporate hi/lo visual temperature alarms. An electronic controller with LCD screen shows the status of the unit.

Precision’s iCool controller is said to automatically adapt to working conditions to operate in the most efficient manner. For example, where possible it will utilise the residual “cold” within the evaporator, through fan-only operations, before looking to bring in the compressor. An extended “saw-tooth” run pattern decreases the number of compressor starts, reducing power consumption.

Built for ease of use, the GN 2/3 shelving system has anti-tilt slides and doors are self-closing.

Made in the UK, the 520 range is available in both fridge and freezer models. Fridges come in two, three or four door versions, with drawers fitted if requested, and freezers in two and three door versions.  Fridges have a temperature range between -2 to +10°C and freezers from -18 to -22°C. All models feature heavy-duty, braked castors for easy positioning.


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