Precision upgrades refrigerated drawer

Precision-VUBC121UK: Precision has upgraded its self-contained refrigerated drawer with new design features and a new model number – VUBC121 – to better reflect its categorisation as an under-broiler counter.

The individual, refrigerated self-contained drawer provides a compact and flexible storage solution that is said to be especially useful in kitchens with limited space. Its variable temperature controls allow adjustment from -22°C to +4°C to provide a flexible storage solution.

The unit measures 1100mm wide x 675mm deep x 385mm high and, because it is front-venting, Precision says it can be built into the tightest space without compromising performance. Its tough construction and superior insulation mean cooking appliances can be mounted directly on top. The units can also be stacked and each drawer can hold up to four GN1/1 (or two GN2/1) pans.  

The updated features include a stylish new grille design and oversize LCD control screen. Both are described as practical as well as good looking. The grille ensures the most efficient possible airflow, helping cool the system so it uses less energy, while the screen allows staff to easily monitor the unit at a glance.

The VUBC121 is constructed of stainless steel throughout and features zero-ODP, high performance insulation. Its energy-saving waste heat recovery vaporiser system eliminates the need for a drain.

Precision’s self-contained drawer has a list price of £2,505 and is available via dealers nationwide.

Precision Refrigeration

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