Refrigerant leaks are easier to find

Advanced-EasyFindAdvanced Engineering has reformulated its best-selling leak detector spray, EasyFind, to make it even easier and faster to find hidden refrigerant leaks.

The EasyFind’s new low lubricity formula, creates a more pronounced and visual bubble-up effect when it comes into contact with refrigerant leaks.

This small but ingenious chemical improvement makes it much easier and simpler for service engineers to pinpoint both large or small leaks, or intermittent pinhole escapes, when sprayed onto joints, pipes and components.

European F-gas regulations have tightened the law regarding leaks in cooling systems, demanding regular leak checks with ever more serious penalties for owners and operators who fail to comply. Rising refrigerant prices also mean that refrigerant leaks have increasingly serious financial implications, while an under-charged system is known to seriously reduce the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and increase overall operating costs.

Described as safe, reliable, economical and quick, EasyFind requires no preparation or equipment, is suitable for all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and comes in a convenient spray can.

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