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Samsung customises 360 cassette

KOREA: Samsung has created customisable design panels that can be applied to its recently introduced 360 Cassette to harmonise with surrounding interiors.

With businesses such as restaurants, cafes and shops placing a greater focus on creating aesthetically consistent interiors, Samsung’s new design panels make it even easier to integrate the 360 Cassette in a way that suits its surrounding décor,

Turkey’s Zübeyde Hanım Educational Institution was the first to attach one of the design panels displaying its school symbol. Since then, design panels are said to have been applied in locations spanning several fields, including a cafe in Korea.

Korean restaurant Twosome Place applied a matte black branded design panel to its 360 Cassette

The 360 Cassette’s design panels allow users to customise the air conditioner’s aesthetic to match their store’s interior. To help users find the perfect pattern to suit their style, Samsung created a diverse collection of designs tailored to match any decor. Choices include a range of colours, woods and branded designs.

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