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Sanhua introduces range of BPHEs

SPAIN: Sanhua has launched a range of stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers in a range of sizes and models.

Suitable for use with fluid groups 1 and group 2, including water, ethylene glycol solution, common HCFC, HFC, HC, as well as HFO refrigerants, they are designed for pressure up to 50bar.

The wide range of BPHEs available include many different sizes and models: evaporators, condensers, de-superheaters, fluid to fluid exchangers and compact exchangers. 

Gasket free, and employing an asymmetric plate design, Sanhua says it has reduced the volume of the primary side to increase the evaporating temperature and heat transfer efficiency, while still keeping the pressure drop within an acceptable range. 

Sanhua claims its own data shows a ∆T that is on average 1K lower and a pressure drop 25% lower than similar asymmetric design products.

The Sanhua distributor has its own design patent, where the distribution holes are part of the plates making the heat exchanger extremely compact.


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