Scotsman divides to conquer

Scotsman-MC46-SplitThe Scotsman MC46-Split from Hubbard Systems is said to offer large ice production in a small footprint by taking the compressor and condenser away from the ice-making unit.

In addition to its compact size, separating the refrigeration system keeps noise and waste heat away from the kitchen or bar area. Its modular design means additional units can easily be linked together if greater production capacity is required.

The MC46-Split makes the Scotsman Supercube in either small, medium, large or extra-large. 

There are different options in size for the remote refrigeration condensing units, dependent on how many MC46-Split freezing units are in operation. One size of remote condensing units is capable of running twelve MC46-Splits simultaneously. Smaller remote condensing units are available if only one MC46-Split is required. A single MC46-Split can produce 300kg, or 15,000 20g medium Supercubes, every 24 hours.

With a tough stainless steel exterior and an ABS plastic top cover, the MC46-Split uses AgION antimicrobial treatment in the interior plastic moulding for increased hygiene.

All Scotsman products are backed by a two year manufacturer’s warranty. Excluding the remote system and storage bin, the list price for the MC46-Split is £5740. 

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