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Toshiba launches 7th generation VRF

EUROPE: Toshiba has officially launched its seventh generation VRF system, incorporating its highly-anticipated triple-rotary compressor. 

As revealed by the Cooling Post in November, Toshiba’s new SMMS-u combines the greater efficiency and capacity offered by the new compressor with a high efficiency heat exchanger, all in a compact chassis.

The new range comprises nine single modules from 8 to 24hp. Up to five outdoor units can be combined to achieve 120hp. The SMMS-u is able to operate from -25°C to +52°C.

Piping lengths have also been increased. The new series allows a total piping length of 1,200m, with 250m permissible from the outdoor unit to farthest indoor unit. A height difference of up to 110m is also possible between outdoor and indoor units.

Another notable advance is the connection of up to 128 indoor units through Toshiba’s new TU2C-Link protocol. In order to adapt the capacity of the system to building use, the SMMS-u also provides a 200% diversity ratio. 

Key to the new VRF is a newly developed Toshiba compressor with three compression chambers, a multi-valve structure with discharge valves located on both the top and bottom sides of the compression chambers, and the world’s first open-winding motor for air conditioners.

In addition to the more compact chassis, and an R410A refrigerant charge almost 50% less in comparison with the previous model, Toshiba has imparted the SMMS-u with a number of features to help installers save time on installation, commissioning and maintenance. For instance, a new oil management system ensures continuous compressor lubrication and does away with piping for the oil balance circuit. In another enhancement, Toshiba’s Wave Tool Advance app allows installers to access system information and start test runs using an Android smartphone. For installers wanting to collect and save rich data sets, a new service tool for use with laptop devices can be accessed from either outdoor or indoor locations.

Toshiba has also developed a sensor-based concept that only initiates the defrost function when absolutely necessary to ensure up to five hours of uninterrupted heating. In multi-module applications, defrost cycles are always staggered.

A large range of indoor units are offered with capacities from 0.3 to 10hp in a choice of cassettes, ducts, and ceiling, high wall and console units. Toshiba has also released a new 1-way cassette with ultra-slim chassis, motion sensor and advance filtration as an option. Also new is Toshiba’s slim duct solution, which is said to offer ultra-compact chassis and quiet operation. 


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