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Trane extends Sintesis Balance on R454B

BELGIUM: Trane is expanding its Sintesis Balance CMAF portfolio of multi-pipe units for simultaneous cooling and heating with new models on R454B refrigerant in capacities up to 1400kW. 

The capacity increase answers the needs of larger new and existing building owners wanting to eliminate separate boiler and chiller systems to fulfil their facilities’ cooling requirements in the summer, heating in the winter or both throughout the year.

R454B is a lower flammability A2L refrigerant blend of 68.9% R32 and 31.1% 1234yf. It has a GWP of 467.

The units are said to deliver better cooling and heating efficiencies, improved operating maps and lower environmental impact compared to equivalent models with R410A. Specifically, Trane claims a 3.5% better EER in cooling mode, 4.5% better TER in simultaneous cooling and heating mode and 3% higher COP in pure heating mode.

In addition, Trane says the 3°C wider heating operating map allows more buildings, even in colder regions in Europe, to move away from fossil-fuel based heating systems. The Sintesis Balance CMAF offers hot water up to 48°C at ambient air temperatures as low as -18°C; up to 55°C hot water at ambient air temperatures as low as -10° and up to 68°C of hot (sanitary) water when ambient air temperature is above +7°C.

The units employ Trane’s Adaptive Refrigerant System, a proprietary technology, which automatically optimises refrigerant charge and sub-cooling in each operating mode and varying temperature conditions, delivering additional performance and efficiency gains.

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