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Water-source heat pumps with lower GWP R513A

SWEDEN: The new Sysloop 70-135 water-source heat pumps from Systemair employ the lower  GWP non-flammable refrigerant R513A.

Available in six sizes with nominal capacities from 7 to 15 kW, the Sysloop 70-135 units are equipped as a standard with EC fans and offer EERs up to 3.95 and COPs up to 4.58.

R513A is a non-flammable A1 blend of R134a and R1234yf with a GWP of 631. 

Every unit is equipped with an advanced control system, which manages their operation and safety devices. It is available with Modbus RTU, Bacnet MSTP or Bacnet IP communication protocols.


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