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York DOAS offers more options

USA: A new line of York dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) from Johnson Controls includes a range of 100% outside air units and mixed air units with more options and greater application flexibility.

With heat pump operation and water-source operation, as well as a hot water heat option, the new line of air systems is said to deliver more combinations of heating and cooling than before.

Units are capable of handling up to 20,000ft³/min of air and providing as much as 70 tons of cooling capacity. The system controls supply air to room neutral, ensures precise unit cfm delivery, and continuously conditions up to 100% of outside air. It also features an energy recovery wheel for greater energy efficiency.

The new DOAS line offers air- or water-cooled units, in various configurations ranging from cooling only to heat pump. A full selection of factory-installed options adds to system flexibility, including: modulating or staged gas heat, modulating electric heat or hydronic heat options to meet outside air heating requirements; six row evaporator coil; on/off or modulating hot gas reheat to condition air; BAS connectivity, thanks to the native BACnet control system.

Often paired with another HVAC system, a York DOAS can operate in combination with a separate sensible cooling system for a bundled solution that satisfies the entire building load, sensible and latent. Paired system options include rooftop and self-contained units, chillers, water-source heat pumps, variable-air volume terminals and variable refrigerant flow systems.

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