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Bitzer video explains service tool

Bitzer-BESTGERMANY: Compressor firm Bitzer has produced an instructional video on operating its Electronics Service Tool (BEST).

The BEST tool is free Windows-based software for all of Bitzer’s electronic products. It supports and allows refrigeration and service engineers to quickly and easily operate Bitzer’s Varispeed reciprocating compressors, CSV compact screw compressors, the Ecostar condensing units LHV5E and LHV7E, as well as the protection, monitoring and control devices SE-i1 and CM-RC-01.

The software provides users with a complete overview of the operating status, troubleshooting and maintenance of Bitzer products. BEST makes service engineers’ work much easier. For example, they can use it to quickly and safely set device parameters, analyse errors or download and save data logs.

The video explains the tool and its most important functions.

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