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BESA offers latest Brexit guidance

UK: BESA has published a new guidance document to explain the consequences of Brexit with regard to F-gases and ozone depleting substances regulations in the UK.

As anything could happen between now and December 31, BESA has promised to review and update the guidance over the next few weeks.

The new GB regulations come into effect on 1st January 2021 and will effectively transfer the requirements of the current EU regulations directly into GB legislation ensuring a continuity of the day‐to‐day requirements on contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. The UK will continue to restrict the use of ozone depleting substances and maintain the F-gas phase down schedule as agreed with the EU.  

The Common Framework Agreement across the UK’s four nations sets out the areas of competence for the devolved administrations and their respective enforcing authorities. Some of the arrangements in the Framework Agreement will not apply to Northern Ireland in the same way for  the time being in the same way as they do to Great Britain. 

Significantly, to enable engineers and technicians to work in the EU, including in the Republic of Ireland, from 1st January 2021, the technician will have to hold an F‐gas qualification certificate issued by an EU member state. Engineers can obtain an Irish issued equivalent to their F‐gas qualification free of charge by applying through the Irish EPA website. 

BESA warns that this service will only be available until December 31 and the Irish authorities have urged anyone affected to do this without delay as there may be delays in processing the applications. 

The guidance document and any future updates can be accessed here.

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