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Climate Center invests in R448A stock

UK: As the F-gas phase down begins to bite, Wholesaler Climate Center says it is now stocking the lower GWP R404A alternative R448A in all its branches nationwide.

With the European F-gas phase down increasing the pressure on prices and availability of R404A,  Climate Center says it has made a significant stock investment to make it easy for customers to access this alternative before demand for R404A outstrips supply.

A blend of R32, R125, R134a and the HFO components R1234yf and 1234ze(E),  R448A has a GWP of around 1300 and is classified A1 by ASHRAE – non-toxic and non-flammable. It can be used in existing R404A equipment with certain system modifications.

Climate Center sales director Robert Franklin repeated industry warnings to those continuing to use high GWP gases: “If companies don’t act now, they run the risk of not being able to access the higher GWP refrigerants as quota reductions limit availability of high GWP blends.”

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