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CRS adds BEMS capability

Close-up-of-rental-chillerUK: Carrier Rental Systems (UK) has introduced full BEMS capability to its chiller fleet.

The addition of BEMS capability to temporary chillers enables equipment on temporary cooling duty to be fully integrated into a building’s existing control system, automatically controlling the machine and sending signals for run, fault, remote on/off. It also allows end-users to optimise chiller performance for occupant comfort and energy consumption.

“Traditionally, rental chillers operate as stand-alone units, independent of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems,” said Marc White, director, Carrier Rental Systems. “With the addition of the new BEMS capability, temporary units can be fully integrated into a building’s existing systems and work seamlessly to optimise building control and energy efficiency.”

A temporary cooling system operating independently, without BEMS capability, may work in opposition to existing HVAC systems, which can incur a large energy penalty and result in high running costs, the company argues.

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