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Geoff Mills joins Epta UK

Geoff Mills is taking over from John Austin-Davies at Epta UK

UK: Former Carter Synergy contracts director Geoff Mills has taken over from John Austin-Davies as commercial director at Epta UK.

Geoff, who formally left Carter Synergy last year, will take over Epta UK’s commercial and marketing activities leading up to John Austin-Davies’ retirement next year.

“Succession planning is critical to the future of any company, and for Epta UK we have invested to ensure that my planned retirement in 2018 is completed smoothly with an experienced successor,” John Austin-Davies commented.

“After the hand-over, my role will change to support central Epta activities, and I shall stay on the board of directors of Epta George Barker and Epta Cold Service,” he added.

Epta UK will benefit from the considerable experience Geoff Mills’ has gained in the refrigeration industry since joining WH O’Gorman in 1982. After eight years with O’Gormans he joined Carter Refrigeration Display Ltd in 1990 as a project manager, managing a variety of retail refrigeration projects. Promoted to head the Southern Projects Team in 1993, he was subsequently appointed to the board in July 1999. After becoming managing director of Carter Group subsidiary Carter Planned Maintenance Ltd in 2002, he became contracts manager of Carter Synergy Ltd when Carter Planned Maintenance was merged with Carter Refrigeration & Retail Services in 2007.

He resigned his position at Carter Synergy in 2015 and formally left the company in November last year.

John Austin-Davies’ retirement will mark the end of an era at Epta UK. He had been technical director of George Barker for nine years when the Bradford-based retail refrigeration equipment manufacturer was acquired by Italian company Epta in 1999. In 2005 he became product director for the entire Epta Group before being appointed commercial director of Epta UK in 2011.

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