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Samsung expands capacity to meet demand

UK: Samsung Climate Solutions has expanded its warehouse capacity to keep pace with demand for heat pumps.

The new warehouse, run by XPO logistics in Leicester, offers approximately 150,000ft2 of space. Samsung Climate Solutions currently occupies approximately 50% with room to expand. It has four times the inbound-outbound capacity than its previous locations, receiving 95% of the stock direct from factories and 5% top-up from EU.

Since the initial relocation in 2020 to XPO’s warehouse in Crick, Northamptonshire, the capacity has increased threefold to keep pace with the growth in the climate solutions business. In order to provide customer service to match in the increase in warehouse capacity there has also been a large increase in technical, operations and sales teams.

Samsung also have access to meeting rooms within the warehouse and will soon be welcoming customers for onsite meetings. 

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