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Samsung partners with eco-friendly housing company

UK: Samsung has signed a partnership with eco-friendly housing company Etopia to create homes of the future. 

Phase one of the partnership includes Samsung’s heat pump technology in plans to build 6,000 new houses in the UK over the next five years.

Designed and built to deliver performance similar to the Passivhaus energy efficiency standard, Etopia combines energy, construction and intelligent technologies to build some of the world’s highest performing buildings. Current Etopia homes are achieving an average of 103/100 EPC rating. 

Etopia maintains that the technologies can be scaled to apply to any kind of building including schools, homes and commercial buildings.

“Etopia are at the forefront of climate change by providing housing that have either no negative impact on the environment or actually provide more energy than they use,” explained Project Etopia CEO and founder Joseph Daniels. 

“Samsung partnering with Etopia shows that big tech is taking the fight seriously and I for one am extremely delighted to be partnered with one of the world’s leading technology company to increase our efforts,” he added.

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