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Sdiptech acquires GAH Refrigeration

UK/SWEDEN: Suffolk-based transport refrigeration company GAH (Refrigeration) Ltd has been acquired by Sdiptech AB, a Swedish business providing research and product development services.

Incorporated in 1993, GAH manufactures and maintains transport refrigeration systems for any size of vehicle. The company has a turnover of £27.5m and is valued at £33m.

Sdiptech describes itself as a technology group with a primary focus on infrastructure segments critical to well-functioning societies and to welfare. This includes water and sanitation, power and energy, transportation, energy efficiency and air climate. The company has approximately SEK 2,000 million in sales and is based in Stockholm.

Commenting on the acquisition, Sdiptech CEO Jakob Holm said of GAH: “It is a successful, well-managed and growing business with a market-leading product range and excellent service offering. With a strong market position in food and pharmaceutical transport refrigeration, GAH is a great fit for us and our focus on creating more sustainable, efficient and safe societies.”

“Last mile transport refrigeration solutions are crucial for the increasing demand of e-grocery,” added Sdiptech business area manager Anders Mattson. Around 100 million tons of food are wasted annually in the EU, which means huge environmental and economic costs. Refrigeration is a critical link to reduce waste of fresh food and pharmaceuticals by maintaining the right temperature during transportation of the goods.”

GAH is Sdiptech’s seventh UK business unit.

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