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$23.9m grant to rid Thailand of HCFCs

Thailand will benefit from $23.9m in grants to reduce its reliance on HCFCs

THAILAND: The World Bank is to provide Thailand with a US$23.9m grant to help the country reduce its use of HCFC refrigerants.

The funds are designed to help local manufacturers convert their air conditioning and foam production processes to non-ozone-depleting gases, as agreed under the Montreal Protocol.

Thailand is said to be the second-largest producer of air conditioners and foam in the world and is considered a key global supplier and leader. Approximately 12 million air conditioners are manufactured annually – making it the world’s second biggest producer after China – of which about 90% are exported. Thailand is also one of the 10 largest importers and consumers of HCFCs, importing more than 18,000 tonnes of HCFCs in 2012.

The grant from the Ozone Projects Trust Fund of the Montreal Protocol will make funds available to eligible enterprises in Thailand including 12 air conditioning manufacturers and more than 120 foam enterprises.

Specifically, the new grant will enable Thailand to reduce its consumption of HCFCs by 15% and achieve climate benefits by reducing carbon emissions through the use of lower GWP refrigerant and foam blowing agents and through improvement in energy efficiency of air conditioning units.

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