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A-Gas recovers 6 tonnes of R22 from Mauritius

MAURITIUS: Refrigerant management company A-Gas South Africa has recovered six tonnes of ozone-depleting HCFC refrigerant R22 from systems on the island of Mauritius.

Working with GIZ, the German environmental agency, the refrigerant was removed from two decommissioned systems at the Mauritius Freeport Development – the largest logistics centre in the Indian Ocean.

“Mauritius is not a country that A-Gas has operations within and the job highlighted the flexibility of the mobile A-Gas Rapid Recovery unit and how, by working closely with customers and partners, lifecycle refrigerant management can prove to be an effective solution,” commented A-Gas Group sustainability and regulatory director Ken Logan.

The A-Gas Rapid Recovery unit offers refrigerant recovery at very high recovery rates – approximately ten times faster than traditional recovery units.

The recovered R22 was transported by boat back to South Africa for reprocessing.

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