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AEFYT calls for customs vigilance to stop illegal gas

SPAIN: The Spanish refrigeration association AEFYT has called for the reinforcement of customs controls to stop the illegal traffic in refrigerant gases.

While applauding the recent operation in Spain which exposed the alleged illegal export of 10 tons of R22 refrigerant to Panama, AEFYT president Roberto Solsona described the case as “a sign of the need to continue along this path to stop the activities of traffickers”.

“One of the demands of the cold sector to fight against the illegal traffic of refrigerant gases is the strengthening of customs control mechanisms, as well as the increase in sanctions,” he added.

The AEFYT also calls for the improvement of HFC surveillance systems in exporting countries, the prohibition of the use of non-disposable cylinders and the improvement of the transparency of the quota system. 

The group says that the Spanish tax on fluorinated greenhouse gases (IGFEI) has further encouraged the black market.

“The illegal traffic of refrigerant gases is a serious environmental and economic damage to society as a whole. While for companies in the sector is a drag that slows innovation and technological change in which they are immersed in search of maximum energy efficiency and reduction of emissions of refrigeration facilities,” says the AEFYT.

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