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African fridge society holds first women’s meeting

BURKINA FASO: The recently formed Pan-Africa RAC association, U-3RAC, held its first women’s meeting at the weekend when 14 women shared their refrigeration experience.

The women’s section, or Ladies team as it is called, is chaired by Tunisian Raoudha Massaoudi and has more than fifty women from 28 countries from across the continent.  The section was formed on World Refrigeration Day earlier this year.

During the two and a half hour online meeting, the women spoke about the challenges they faced and still face but were all extremely positive and shared their successes too. A significant number had formed their own businesses as a way to break through and succeed.

The event was also attended by U-3RAC president Madi Sakande and World Refrigeration Day founder and diversity champion Stephen Gill

The meeting was recorded and is available to watch here.

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