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AHRI focus on acr controls

AHRI_LogoUSA: The AHRI has provided a greater focus on air conditioning and refrigeration controls following changes to its Controls Product Section.

When the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute and the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association merged to form the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) in 2008, sections from each association combined to form the Controls Product Section. While it encompassed all types of control products, the AHRI admits that in recent years it has focused more on gas control issues.

At the AHRI Spring Meeting earlier this month, the AHRI board approved a plan to divide the section into two discrete sections: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR) Electronic Controls and Gas Controls.

“We constantly strive to meet the needs and interests of our members in the best way possible,” said AHRI president and CEO Stephen Yurek. “These new product sections will better represent all control equipment and give a voice to more manufacturers within our industry.”

The ACR Electronic Controls Section will encompass controllers and auxiliary control devices, which are primarily designed to aid in the unattended operation, energy efficiency, electric utility demand reduction, cloud connectivity, fault detection and diagnosis, cyber security, or safe operation of components of comfort conditioning equipment and commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment covered by AHRI’s other product sections. Devices must be responsive to at least one of the following conditions: time, temperature, pressure, humidity, fluid flow, air quality, current, voltage, power, demand reduction, or pricing signals.

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