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AIRAH conference will mix live and streamed events

AUSTRALIA: The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating’s two-day Refrigeration 2021 Conference will be run as a hybrid event, with a streamed programme and live event.

The virtual programme includes presentations and panels from one of the two event streams at the Refrigeration 2021 Conference, which takes place in Melbourne from May 17–18. Recordings from the sessions will be made available to both face-to-face and virtual attendees at the conference’s conclusion.

“AIRAH improvised and adapted during the lockdown of 2020,” said AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson. “One of the ways we evolved was to significantly up the ante in our presentation of virtual events. Last year this was necessary to make those events happen when lockdown provisions prevented us from flying interstate. It was virtual or nothing.

“Now, the hybrid offering of virtual and face-to-face events makes sense in terms of making our events available to those who for whatever reason are unwilling or unable to attend the event in person. It’s a more flexible approach that allows for exposure to the great IP discussed at an AIRAH conference without having to attend, should that be an issue,” Gleeson added.

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