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Alternative refrigerants e-learning in 15 languages

EUROPE: The alternative refrigerants e-learning platform is now live in 15 languages and in nine separate learning modules.

Launched in 2015, the REAL Alternatives learning programme is a free tool which focuses on safety, efficiency, reliability and containment of low GWP alternative refrigerants – carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbon and low flammables (HFOs and R32).

The e-learning platform gives access to nine learning modules covering: introduction to alternative refrigerants; safety and risk assessment; system design; containment and leak detection; maintenance and repair of systems; retrofitting; legal obligations; financial and environmental impacts of leakage; tools and guidance for site surveys.

The new e-learning platform has been updated to include demonstration videos covering both flammables and carbon dioxide principles.

To support this e-learning programme, the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE team is organising train the trainer events from March to June 2019 across Europe. With a focus on flammables and carbon dioxide, these events will provide trainers with a practical introduction to the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE programme which includes assessments and certification, as well as information about how to set up and market REAL Alternatives training events.

Further information here.

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