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Armacell buys pipe support business

TB Concept’s Insuguard is made to adapt any chosen pipe saddle size on various sizes of strut, H-Beam / I-Beam, floor-mount, Clevis and steel angle mountings

LUXEMBOURG/CANADA: Flexible foam insulation firm Armacell has acquired TB Concept Inc, a Montreal-based manufacturer of pipe support solutions.

TB Concept Inc has been developing pipe saddles and shields for almost two decades. The company was the first to recognise requirements for tool-free pipe support solutions securing piping systems while at the same time eliminating the typical thermal bridge and protecting the pipe and its insulation from damage.

The company offers a complete suite of innovative pipe support solutions, including the Insuguard brand which allows for pipe movement within the support system.

Operating worldwide – with key target markets in Northern America and Australasia – the company’s pipe hanger solutions are principally used in industrial and commercial HVAC, refrigeration and heating systems.

Armacell says the transaction strengthens its global accessories business and the group’s footprint in Canada.

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