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ASERCOM guide to cybersecurity

GERMANY: ASERCOM has published a free-to-download guide to securing components against the threat of cyber-attacks.

With an increasing number of HVACR components like controllers, protection relays, sensors or frequency inverters having a data interface that is accessible from outside the premises, the threat of cyber-attacks has increased.

According to ASERCOM, the European refrigeration component manufacturers’ association, these components can be physically damaged, set points can be changed and control algorithms can be modified. This, it maintains, can have a severe influence on the availability of data centres, the reliability of the cold chain in food and beverage supply or the air conditioning systems in buildings.

ASERCOM’s new guideline document describes how to install HVACR components in a secure way in the field. Several steps need to be taken into account, including the architecture of the installation and the planning phase, installation and maintenance and decommissioning of the system.

The recommended steps are designed to allow involved and responsible staff to have a comprehensive but feasible way to implement cyber-security. In the guideline there are also references to norms and standards to allow the user to expand the cyber-security to a full management system.

The guide is available to download here.

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