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ASHRAE makes new hq a showcase

USA: ASHRAE claims its new net-zero energy-efficient headquarters in Atlanta will become a showcase for the latest HVAC&R equipment and technology.

The 40-year-old building is currently undergoing a renovation project as an example of how to transform older existing buildings from dated workplace environments to high-performance workplace environments.

The two-storey structure, which includes a partial basement, sits on 11 acres and is 66,700ft². It will accommodate approximately 125 staff.

A web page ( has been created to enable members to keep up to date with the building’s progress.

“Through this web presence, we will  share our design journey, and we will offer useful, informative, educational content for members, partners, the media and other stakeholders to showcase sustainability in action, resiliency that exceeds the provisions of ASHRAE’s energy, comfort and indoor air quality standards and cost-effective building integrated solutions,” explained ASHRAE President Sheila J Hayter. 

In addition to being net-zero, the building will have an ASHRAE Building EQ A+ rating. The materials selected for the renovation will be capable of withstanding Atlanta’s hot, humid weather conditions.

“ASHRAE’s global headquarters will inspire our industry to incorporate energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable practices that reflects an understanding of the high-per­formance building movement,” said ASHRAE executive vice president Jeff Littleton. “The new web presence will provide a step-by-step look into this design project and give visitors an engaging view of ASHRAE’s vision and goals.”

The new headquarters is located at 180 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, Georgia, just 10 miles north of its current location. It will open in October 2020.

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