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ASHRAE signs three new MOUs

ASHRAE president Sheila . Hayter signs the MOU with Department of Energy assistant secretary Daniel R Simmons

USA: ASHRAE has extended its areas of future collaboration with the signing of agreements with a number of leading organisations.

In the last few days the US association has signed MOUs with the International District Energy Association (IDEA), the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the New Buildings Institute (NBI), a US-based non-profit organisation driving better energy performance in commercial buildings.

On May 14, ASHRAE president Sheila J Hayter signed an MOU with NBI CEO Ralph DiNola. Under the agreement the two organisations will focus on three main areas of collaboration: zero energy/emissions building leadership and market development; education and design guidance; advancing codes and policies.

“NBI’s commitment to better energy performance and emission reductions in buildings aligns well with ASHRAE’s industry longstanding leadership in advancing the growth and innovation of the built environment,” said Sheila J Hayter.

On Thursday (May 23), Hayter penned an agreement with DOE assistant secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Daniel R. Simmons. Co-operation was agreed on work to improve the efficient use of energy, building resiliency and building performance.

The following day, Hayter agreed collaborative work with the International District Energy Association, covering such areas such as best practices, education and policies.

“IDEA is committed to optimising the integration of buildings with both thermal and electrical district energy systems, which aligns well with ASHRAE’s priorities,” said Hayter.

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