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Avoid unqualified companies during Covid-19 crisis

SPAIN: The Spanish refrigeration and air conditioning association, AEFYT, has called for society to recognise the vital work of acr engineers and warns against end users using unqualified companies.

Faced with the “state of alarm” enacted by the Spanish government, due to the spread of Covid-19 across Spain, the AEFYT maintains that the cold sector ensures the provision of installation and maintenance services necessary to keep basic services running, such as medicine, food or telecommunications. 

“These are three critical sectors in which refrigeration processes are essential. In the case of many medicines and foods, to maintain the cold chain in the production and conservation processes; and, in the case of telecommunications, to maintain cooling in the servers that supply the systems of the operating companies,” the organisation says. 

Spain has more than 5,000 authorised refrigeration and air conditioning installation and maintenance companies, with more than 20,000 people employed.

“We must recognise and support the work of installation companies and all their employees who, in these difficult times, provide a fundamental service for society. Likewise, we must warn against falling into the temptation of going to unqualified companies; only qualified installers have the capacity to carry out repairs and adequate maintenance if necessary and to do so with full guarantees of safety and performance,” said AEFYT manager Manuel Lamúa.

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