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Belimo collaborates on connected buildings

SWITZERLAND/USA: Swiss HVAC controls company, Belimo, has announced a “strategic collaboration” with AI‐based property operations and maintenance platform, Facilio.

Said to address what the company’s say is a growing need for efficient building operations, Facilio and Belimo will help real estate owners, operators, and service providers turn IoT data “into operational insights and workflows” to optimise building performance and comfort in real-time.

Facilio CEO and founder Prabhu Ramachandran said: “For customers who are shifting to an agile, data-driven operating model, Facilio and Belimo will deliver a single connected operational environment, helping them gain complete real-time visibility and control of their space and equipment. 

Facilio’s O&M platform is said to harness IoT and aggregates “hard-to-access” building data to optimise HVAC systems and building performance in real-time, implementing effective sustainability measures, and elevating the tenant experience – all from one place. 

Facilio works with estate owners and operators to provide real-time building performance to help them take action when needed versus traditional reactive changes.

“The real estate industry is engaged in creating sustainable buildings and contributing to ESG goals through digital transformation and industry collaborations. The synergy between Belimo’s digital ecosystem and Facilio’s O&M platform leverage available data to unlock the potential of connected buildings and address the new challenges,” said Salvatore Cataldi, Belimo’s global strategic building IoT expert.

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