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Bitzer book covers refrigeration fundamentals

GERMANY: Compressor manufacturer Bitzer has announced the publication of a new manual charting all there is to know about refrigeration for both beginners and seasoned refrigeration technicians.

Fundamentals of Refrigeration is published by Volker Stamer, director of the international Bitzer training centre Schaufler Academy, contains a wealth of basic information in German and English.

It promises new recruits and experienced readers alike an overview of all the important aspects of refrigeration and fills in partial knowledge gaps. The 220-page publication takes readers from the fundamentals of thermodynamics and the components of a refrigerating circuit through to commissioning and troubleshooting refrigeration systems. 

The various subject areas of refrigeration are made easy to understand with numerous colourful diagrams, illustrations and overviews.

The work is based on contributions from numerous external experts from TWK, the German training and test centre as wells as numerous Bitzer experts. 

Grundlagen der Kältetechnik/Fundamentals of Refrigeration is available in hardback for €29.80 and as an e-book for €29.99. For pupils and students, the hardback edition is available for as little as €19.80 – when placing the order, corresponding documentation of student/pupil status must be uploaded. 

See the overview here for all the details.

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