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Bitzer opens Green Point in Tunisia

CSH85 overhauling benefits being discussed with Adel Khabthani, the governor of the Monastir Province (second from the right in the foreground)

TUNISIA: Bitzer has opened its 47th Green Point site for compressor overhauls, repairs and remanufacturing, this time in Tunisia.

The Green Point Tunisia technical team was trained in the Green Point Competence Centre in France and offers field services such as troubleshooting, compressor re-commissioning and oil replacement, in addition to pure compressor repairs.

In 2006, the company EMECC – which is now Green Point’s Tunisian Franchise – started to repair compressors for the first time in the North African country. Since then, several thousands of Bitzer compressors have gone through the workshop. In 2016  alone, EMECC managed to repair over 400 Bitzer compressors, including 50 screw compressors.

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