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Bitzer seeks oldest compressor

GERMANY: Compressor manufacturer Bitzer is on the lookout for the oldest example of one of its reciprocating and screw compressor still in operation.

A pioneer in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for over 85 years, the Sindelfingen-based manufacturer is offering prizes for the oldest examples identified by customers.

Participants are invited to send in a picture of the compressor with an image of the name plate and a photo of the compressor installed in the system, plus details about the location of the system and the name of the operator of the system.

The finders of the oldest operational Bitzer reciprocating and screw compressor will win prizes including a webinar of the winner’s choice from the Schaufler Academy, a wireless Jabra headset and a Bitzer office package.

Closing date for entries is March 15. Further information here.

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