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Burr Oak expands Euro representation

USA: Coil production machinery manufacturer Burr Oak Tool has expanded its representation in Europe with the appointment of a number of new sales agents.

Through its European branch Oak Eurasia and in collaboration with its Italian partner SMI, Burr Oak Tool has appointed additional representatives in Russia, Turkey, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Ireland, and Portugal.

Oak says that by cooperating with these local sales organisations, it will be able to offer better support to customers and their needs.

Oak Eurasia sro will continue to be Oak’s technical resource support for Oak equipment, parts and service – and will work closely with the new sales representatives to ensure customers continue to receive great support both during and after a purchase.

The new representatives and locations are:

Ireland/UK: Process Automation Ltd,

Finland: Vossi Group Oy,

Germany: BEND and more GmbH,

Russia: Weber Comechanics Ltd,

Poland: HAAD,

Hungary: Timperi – Trieste Srl,

Portugal/France: Giuseppe Sportelli,

Spain: Curvaser SL,

Turkey: Tanju Kaynak,

Burr Oak Tool Inc supplies machines, tools, and expertise to the world’s heat exchange manufacturers and tube processing industries.

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