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Burr Oak’s revolutionary coil expander

Burr-Oak-NextUSA: Production machinery company Burr Oak Tool is to launch the latest in coil expansion technology in a series of global events in November.

While remaining tight-lipped on actual details, Burr Oak Tool is dubbing the new machine as “expansion reborn”, promising that its pressure expansion technology will  revolutionise the hvac industry.

“We anticipate the new machine and expansion technology will be a refreshing and powerful advancement for the hvac industry,” said Tim Doot, Burr Oak Tool vice president.

The company insists that its new pressure expander will enable new concepts and timelines for research and development of internal tube enhancement and general coil design. It maintains that it will also significantly reduce coil production scrap rates and improve downstream brazing processes.

The new product will be launched at a number of Oak Next events around the globe – Guangzhou, China (November 3); Yokohama, Japan (November 5); Bangkok, Thailand (November 5); Gurgaon, India (November 5), with a global online presentation on November 18.

Seating is limited – registration is requested at Those in attendance at any of the events will receive exclusive first access to the machine and preferred purchase advantages prior to the full market release in 2016.

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