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Carel establishes Mexican subsidiary

Mexico-subsidiary-CarelITALY: Carel, the Italian air conditioning and refrigeration controls and humidification group, has opened a new sales office in Mexico.

Situated in the Tlalpan administrative borough, just outside of Mexico City, Carel’s new Mexican subsidiary has been established as a logistics and sales support centre.

Carel sees Mexico as the largest air conditioning market in South America, having seen average annual growth of 10% over the last three years. The opening of the Mexican subsidiary is part of the Carel Group’s international expansion strategy and is intended to double the company’s business in the region over the next three years.

Francesco Nalini, Carel Group CEO, commented: “In recent years, we have grown strongly in the Americas as a result of our direct sales and manufacturing operations in Brazil and above all in the United States, where ongoing evolutions in technology and changes to legislation are making energy efficiency and sustainability even more important in the air conditioning and refrigeration businesses. For Carel, the Americas represent a priority for our investments and growth, and the new Mexico office will further strengthen this strategy.”

Carel Group now has seven production plants worldwide, as well as 18 fully-owned subsidiaries on all five continents.

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