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Chemours boss backs HFC controls

Thierry F J Vanlancker: “The Protocol provides a proven, consistent, and well understood framework”

USA: The boss of refrigerant manufacturer Chemours has backed the UN decision to bring an HFC phase-down within the framework of the Montreal Protocol.

Hailing the Montreal Protocol as the world’s most effective climate treaty, Thierry F J Vanlancker, president of Chemours Fluoroproducts, said that his company recognised the need for concerted action to avoid significant growth in greenhouse gas emissions from the use of HFCs.

Speaking  yesterday, he said: “The Protocol provides a proven, consistent, and well understood framework that allows the global community to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring that consumers and businesses experience a smooth transition to newer, more sustainable products.”

With many governments, including the European Union, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the USA, already starting efforts to reduce the use of high GWP HFCs, he added: “Coordinating these efforts will provide a much more effective model. Such efforts are increasingly possible due to the availability of viable, cost-effective options that deliver significant reductions in direct and indirect greenhouse gases through superior energy efficiency.” 

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