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Chemours signs Chinese R1234yf deal

CHINA: US refrigerant manufacturer Chemours has entered into a partnership with Chinese automotive chemical company Guangdong Delian Group over the supply of R1234yf.

The HFO refrigerant has been adopted by car manufacturers in Europe, Japan, South Korea, the USA and elsewhere, and is now said to be growing in use amongst Chinese vehicle manufacturers.

The Delian Group manufactures and sells a range of automotive chemicals including antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, fuel additives, adhesives, and other related products.

At the signing ceremony, Delian said: “The signing of the agreement signifies that the two parties will give full play to and use their respective advantages to apply the new generation of environmentally friendly refrigerant Opteon YF more widely in the domestic automotive mainframe market and after-sales market, providing Chinese car owners with more environmentally friendly and safer driving surroundings.”

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