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Clivet starts R32 heat pump line in Italy

ITALY: Clivet has commenced production of its recently announced R32 monobloc heat pumps at its factory in Feltre, Belluno, northern Italy.

Clivet’s new ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO and ELFOEnergy Storm EVO are said to be the result of Clivet’s  alliance with Midea, the Chinese air conditioning manufacturer. Midea’s acquisition of an 80% stake in the company in 2016 led to a close collaboration between the companies’ respective research and development teams. 

ELFOEnergy Storm EVO (WSAN-YES) is the new series of R32 air-to-water full DC inverter monoblock heat pumps for external installation. They will be available in five sizes from 53kW to 91kW.

ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO (WSAN-YSi) is the packaged version in 6 sizes from 24 kW to 62 kW.

The collaboration with Clivet enables Midea to reinforce its presence on the European markets, with the Italian factory becoming a European centre of excellence for the group. Establishing the production lines in Italy reverses the trend to base manufacturing in China. This policy was effected in 2017 with the opening of the AQUA domestic heat pump line in Italy.

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