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Cooling energy as a service

BELGIUM: As a follow-up to its Count On Cooling Webinar, EPEE has published a free-to-download factsheet on service-based business models for cooling and heating. 

According to EPEE, service-based models, also called “servitisation”, in which the technology provider remains the owner of the cooling equipment, is one way to reduce emissions.

These include the use of energy saving performance contracts, where the energy provider guarantees a energy savings to the customer; equipment rental, combined with an energy supply contract; cooling and heating as a service (CaaS, HaaS) where the customer only pays for the unit of cooling/heating consumed, and the technology provider pays for all other services including maintenance, electricity, etc, remaining the owner of the equipment.

EPEE argues that such business models are increasingly successful in areas such as entertainment (music, films), transport (cars) or light, replacing traditional ownership-based models.

The factsheet can be read and downloaded here.

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