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Could 1336mzz(Z) be fluid for HTHPs?

1336mzz-ChemoursUSA: HFO-1336mzz(Z) is to be promoted as a potential working fluid for high temperature heat pumps at this week’s ICR 2015 conference in Japan.

A workshop scheduled for tomorrow, entitled Heating and Power from Low Temperature Heat, will examine the potential for emerging organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and high temperature heat pump (HTHP) technologies.

HFO-1336mzz(Z), which is being promoted as a foam blowing agent and as a refrigerant for use in low pressure chillers, is also seen as having potential to realise higher efficiencies when deployed with ORCs and HTHPs.

The presentation is being given by refrigerant manufacturer Chemours and its partners, the Austrian Institute of Technology, Chubu Electric Power Company, lubricant manufacturer CPI Fluid Engineering, Panasonic and the Norwegian development company Viking.

Increasing awareness of the environmental impacts associated with the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels have led to a renewed interest in using abundantly available low temperature heat. Two methods to do this, ORCs and HTHPs, require the use of working fluids to convert heat to mechanical or electric power, or to elevate the temperature of available heat to meet heating demands. Being promoted by Chemours as Opteon MZ, 1336mzz is said to have exhibited higher energy efficiencies with these technologies than previous working fluids.

 “The stated goal of ICR 2015 is ‘improving the quality of life and preserving the earth’,” said Konstantinos Kontomaris, global technology leader, working fluids for Chemours and workshop chair. “The advent of new HFO-based working fluids like Opteon MZ allows us to do both at the same time. The new fluids enable more environmentally sustainable HTHP and ORC platforms to generate power or meet heating duties at higher temperatures and with higher energy efficiencies than incumbent working fluids.”

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