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Criocabin buys fellow Italian refrigeration firm Zoin

ITALY: Refrigerated counter manufacturer Criocabin has acquired fellow Italian commercial refrigeration equipment company Zoin Refrigerazione.

Based in Villafranca Padovana, Zoin will integrate with Criocabin but remain an independent entity. The terms of the acquisition, which will close this month, were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Zoin allows us to improve the offer on a line of products currently not covered and at the same time to broaden the group’s skills,” said Criocabin CEO Andrea Babetto. 

In addition to offering similar product ranges, there are a number of other similarities between the companies: both were formed in the 1980s, are family owned and operate from factories within 20km of each other, west of Venice.

Zoin CEO Catia Zoin and president Mirco Zoin will continue to manage the Zoin Refrigerazione business. 

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