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Customs seek to identify seized refrigerant

CHILE: The Chilean government is seeking a local consultant to analyse the contents of 1,150 refrigerant cylinders seized by customs authorities and held in the port of San Antonio. 

The contents of the cylinders is not known. Previous sample analysis has indicated they may contain mixtures of CFC, HCFC and/or HFC refrigerants that are banned for importation to Chile. 

The cylinders seized by the Chilean National Customs Service have been held in a container in the customs control area at Puerto de San Antonio since 2016. The customs service requires the full identification of the gases contained in the cylinders to properly manage them, and eventually dispose of them in an environmentally-sound manner. 

The three-month contract is discharged through UNEP’s OzonAction branch. Anyone interested will need to move fast, as applications close on April 26.

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