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Daikin approves cold jointing systems

Mechanical jointing companies like Reflok have welcomed the Daikin announcement

EUROPE: Daikin has approved the use of “alternative materials for jointing and piping” on its air conditioning and heating systems.

In a statement, Daikin acknowledges the growing use of alternative materials for jointing and piping direct expansion systems within the industry.

Although not mentioning any particular products, the announcement opens the way for mechanical jointing systems at a time when the industry looks to be moving towards flammable, or “mildly flammable” refrigerants.

Referring to the alternative jointing methods, Daikin says: “As an equipment manufacturer we understand that the use of these products can enable the reduction or elimination of hot works on site which can be a requirement of the customers’ specification.”

Howard Noble, md of mechanical jointing company Reflok Europe welcomed the announcement: “This is great news for Reflok who has been approached many times by contractors asking if use of its pipe system would invalidate Daikin’s warranty terms,” he said.

humiSonicReflok has a range of fittings that allow direct connection to Daikin’s refnets allowing a true ‘heat free’ installation.

Daikin confirms that it will continue to maintain its manufacturer’s warranty on systems using these alternative methods providing the pipe jointing materials & methods used meet all local and European legislation, including F-gas obligations and the safety and environmental requirements of BS EN378.

It warns that any damage caused to a system through use of these methods or materials will not be covered by the Daikin warranty and includes increased wear and tear on the system caused by a lack of refrigerant.

The manufacturer also insists that all refnet joints, Y or T pieces, used on Daikin systems must be original Daikin supplied parts and any materials used should not increase the pressure drop or introduce any foreign substances into the refrigerant circuit when compared to the recommended refrigerant grade copper.

Any installation using different pipework materials (ie copper to aluminium) must also use a system that prevents any dielectric/bi-metal/galvanic corrosion from occurring through the operational life of the system including maintenance and service activities.

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