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Daikin Chemicals set up in Thailand

JAPAN: Daikin has established a subsidiary in Thailand to expands its fluorochemical business in Southeast Asia.

Based in Bangkok, Daikin Chemical Southeast Asia will begin operations from January 1, 2018.

In addition to providing a stable supply of refrigerant for air conditioners, it will also seek to boost sales of fluoropolymer and fluoroelastomer products to the automotive industry.

In Southeast Asia, Market penetration of air conditioners in Southeast Asia has rapidly increased in recent years, particularly due to economic development in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, resulting in greater demand for refrigerants.

Automotive and electronic factories are also proliferating, and local procurement and product development are expanding with future growth expected to continue at an annual rate of 6-7%.

Daikin has previously provided technical assistance to Thai air conditioning manufacturers keen to switch to R32, and first introduced R32 units from its own Thai factory in 2014.

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