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Daikin develops 1,500 ton oil-less chiller

Magnitude-WMEUSA: The efficiencies of oil-less magnetic bearing technology is now available in a chiller of 1,500 ton capacity.

Daikin Applied, formerly Daikin McQuay, has introduced the new chiller to its Magnitude centrifugal chiller line and claims the technology brings 40% increases in efficiencies compared to traditional chillers.

The larger size chiller is reported to have been eagerly anticipated by clients. Randy Pool, managing principal at North Carolina consultants Stantec, is reported as saying: “Our clients want to remove the risk and cost of oil-based chillers from their projects, as they are more expensive to maintain. We’ve also found on several occasions that we can’t turn off the power to oil-based systems because it takes about an hour for the oil to heat up before the chiller can be brought back online.”

According to Glenn Richardson of contractor Total Mechanical Services, the 1,500 ton Magnitude chillers also open up new and larger applications for their customers. “This gives us more flexibility to match various loads at various conditions,” said Richardson. “With the 1,500 ton chiller, we will be able to achieve a wider operating range, with higher energy efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership than we could with two standard chillers – all while using a smaller footprint.”

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