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Daikin produces R32 charge size app

GERMANY: Daikin Deutschland has produced a tool to determine the refrigerant charge for R32.

The R32echner, designed to simplify the planning of systems, is available in the helpdesk of the Daikin to go app.

Planning the design of the refrigerant charge according to the size of the room is important. With the Daikin to Go app, the installer enters the data for the estimated refrigerant quantity, the room height and area as well as the installation situation of the indoor unit to find the maximum permissible refrigerant charge for the device to be installed.

Daikin Deutschland also says that unlike other refrigerant charge calculators, its R32echner follows the special product standard (IEC 60335-2-40) for electrically operated heat pumps, air conditioning units and room air dehumidifiers. In addition, the system manufacturer can also find instructions in the Daikin installation manual for determining the maximum capacity.

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