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Daikin refrigeration system training


DAIKIN_Refrigeration-Training_Schulung-kl_tcm642-389064GERMANY: Daikin Germany now boasts three training rooms for its commercial refrigeration systems.

Although best known for its air conditioning systems, the Japanese manufacturer also offers a number of medium and low temperature refrigeration solutions for food and retail applications.

Examples of these systems are now incorporated within three live training rooms in the company’s sales office in Hamburg. These include Daikin’s ZEAS refrigeration condensing units and its Conveni-Pack (CVP) packaged refrigeration, heating and air conditioning units.

Produced in co-operation with well-known retailers, the training offered is said to enable participants to learn to implement perfectly coordinated all-round solutions for convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Practical training is provided on the ZEAS and the Conveni-Pack with different refrigeration units and cold rooms in operation.

Conveni-pack combines refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in one energy efficient solution, using the latest controls and inverter technology. An optional booster unit is available for low temperature refrigeration. It also allows for the heat extracted from the refrigeration showcases or evaporators to be re-used for comfort heating of the shop.

The ZEAS system is based on Daikin’s VRV air conditioning technology and comprises a range of inverter-driven condensing units for medium and low- temperature refrigeration applications.

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