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Danfoss buys software company

DENMARK: In an effort to expand its connected cooling solutions, Danfoss has acquired Prosa, a Venice-based software company with expertise in IoT, smart equipment and user interface design.

Among its products, Prosa supplies a complete telemetry solution, known as VeBox, to the food and beverage market. VeBox is a cloud-based infrastructure consisting of telemetry devices for installation in various types of food and beverage equipment, including glass door merchandisers and freezer cabinets, providing end-to-end connectivity. Coupled with enterprise management software, VeBox allows for remote monitoring, diagnostics, marketing and sales analysis capabilities.

Prosa also developed a chill cabinet featuring an interactive touchscreen, allowing consumers to take photos, check the weather, or look up ingredients. It enables beverage companies to gather consumer data at the point of purchase, and display tailored marketing messages.

Danfoss sees the VeBox solution complementing its range of electronic refrigeration controllers to offer customers a total connected solutions in food service applications.

“Combining Prosa’s strong software competencies with Danfoss’ application expertise will allow us to provide new, connected cooling solutions to the benefit of our customers,” claimed Danfoss executive vice president and COO Kim Fausing.

“Prosa has strong expertise in user-experience design and speed in bringing new solutions to market. In the near term, the strong competencies gained through Prosa will help us expand our offering through the development of connectivity solutions for applications along the cold chain. In the long run, I expect to see many more connected cooling solutions resulting from this acquisition,” said Jürgen Fischer, Danfoss Cooling Segment president.

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